Wang Hui 汪辉

CN China
She County
I loved painting when I was little. At that time, my parents were not aware of importance to cultivate children’s hobbies. I didn’t go to any special art school. I learned all on my own. Interest is the best teacher. I kept teaching myself for over 30 years. Generally, whoever is better than me, they are my teachers. I learn from artists in Chinese history, from books, from friends, etc. Chinese painting is not like oil painting in west, which need special trainings. Chinese painting, especially XieYi Chinese painting, can not be taught at school because these paintings are based on your life experience. Teacher cannot teach you life experience since everyone has different life experiences. Different life experiences lead to different paintings. Oil paintings can be copied while Chinese paintings cannot. Even the same people cannot repeat the same painting because his mindset and circumstances at that moment have changed. This is the unique place about Chinese painting. Chinese painting has to be done without any stop, and you can not reduce but add. Oil painting can tolerate errors, but Chinese painting cannot.
Art for Sale: Yes, please send me an email.
Teaching: Yes, I teach. Please send me an email.
For more information about Wang Hui, please refer to the interview by inkston.

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