inkston Xuan Paper sample pack

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This is a set of 22 different types of handmade Xuan papers. These papers include 16 types of raw/ uncooked/ un-sized Xuan paper, 2 types of cooked/ sized Xuan paper, 2 types of half-cooked/ half-sized Xuan paper, and 2 types of double layer raw/ uncooked/ un-sized Xuan paper.

All the samples are packed in a very fine inkston file which can be reused. The sample is around 35 * 18 cm, and the file size is 36.5 * 19 cm. It is a perfect solution for you to find out the most suitable Xuan paper for you without wasting time and money.

Samples contained in this sample pack are:

Single Layer Un-cooked/Raw/ Un-sized/Shuen Xuan Paper

Double Layer Un-cooked/Raw/ Un-sized/Shuen Xuan Paper

Single Layer Cooked/ Sized/ Gongbi Xuan Paper

  • Extra Thin Sized Gongbi (with fine mica powders applied on the paper surface)
  • Shimmer Mica Sized

Single Layer Half-cooked/ Half-sized Xuan Paper


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