inkston Xuan Paper sample pack

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NOTE: this paper is currently under production! We accept pre-order now. If the order only contains this sample pack, the sample pack is free and you will only need to pay postage fee. The postage will be decided by your address. We will start sending out the sample packs in March of 2020. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

This is a set of 22 different types of handmade Xuan papers. These papers include 16 types of raw/ uncooked/ un-sized Xuan paper, 2 types of cooked/ sized Xuan paper, 2 types of half-cooked/ half-sized Xuan paper, and 2 types of double layer raw/ uncooked/ un-sized Xuan paper.

All the samples are packed in a very fine inkston file which can be reused. The sample is around 35 * 18 cm, and the file size is 36.5 * 19 cm. It is a perfect solution for you to find out the most suitable Xuan paper for you without wasting time and money.

Samples contained in this sample pack are:

Single Layer Un-cooked/Raw/ Un-sized/Shuen Xuan Paper

Double Layer Un-cooked/Raw/ Un-sized/Shuen Xuan Paper

Single Layer Cooked/ Sized/ Gongbi Xuan Paper

  • Extra Thin Sized Gongbi (with fine mica powders applied on the paper surface)
  • Shimmer Mica Sized

Single Layer Half-cooked/ Half-sized Xuan Paper


For any query you may have, please contact us.

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