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NOTE: this paper is currently under production! We accept pre-order now. If the order only contains this sample pack, the sample pack is free and you will only need to pay postage fee. The postage will be decided by your address. We will start sending out the sample packs in March of 2020. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

This is a set of 22 different types of handmade Xuan papers. These papers include 16 types of raw/ uncooked/ un-sized Xuan paper, 2 types of cooked/ sized Xuan paper, 2 types of half-cooked/ half-sized Xuan paper, and 2 types of double layer raw/ uncooked/ un-sized Xuan paper.

All the samples are packed in a very fine inkston file which can be reused. The sample is around 35 * 18 cm, and the file size is 36.5 * 19 cm. It is a perfect solution for you to find out the most suitable Xuan paper for you without wasting time and money.

Samples contained in this sample pack are:

Single Layer Un-cooked/Raw/ Un-sized/Shuen Xuan Paper

Double Layer Un-cooked/Raw/ Un-sized/Shuen Xuan Paper

Single Layer Cooked/ Sized/ Gongbi Xuan Paper

  • Extra Thin Sized Gongbi (with fine mica powders applied on the paper surface)
  • Shimmer Mica Sized

Single Layer Half-cooked/ Half-sized Xuan Paper


For any query you may have, please contact us.


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The paper testings are done by American sumi e artist and teacher Virginia Lloyd-Davies.

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16 reviews for inkston Xuan Paper sample pack

  1. With my order I received a sample pack. It taken some time till I scathed and tried all of them. Generally it was a very instructive, and the difference between a machine made Xuan papers (I knew these before) and these papers are like chalk and cheese! The papers attributes was a important discovery for me, and there is a distinctive difference between painting and writing papers. Aside from obvious attributes, like softness, thickness, colour.
    These attributes are:
    Thirst, how much a paper keeps the brush stroke and keep the ink contain, preserving gestures from your brush.
    Flow, how much you can move the ink and water on the paper, how long you can alter it before it becomes permanent.
    (All Xuan papers are super absorbent, but there are differences.)
    Painting papers have more flow, writing papers have more thirst, but I found interesting mixtures in both type.
    Thank you for this wonderful experience. It really helped me getting ideas which papers I would like to paint with.
    I would even recommend some for European aquarelle paintings.

  2. Your sample packet was very nice with a huge selection of papers. I wish the paper size was a little bit larger to allow more testing of specific brushwork, but I really appreciate that the sample wasn’t small! Your sample packaging is very classy and looks very professional, and the inclusion of the comparison table is great!

  3. Five Stars.
    Perfect. Great quality product. Thank you.

  4. Recommended for others who want to experiment
    These are samples not for large paintings but for the price and to try the different varieties of paper, I was more than pleased.
    I used several for small paintings which are now in a show. I would order again and would recommend it to others who want to experiment.

  5. highest quality xuan paper | sample package really useful | thanks so much!

  6. Price is really good for this variety and quality product!! Loved how it well wrapped.

  7. A real treat!
    Lovely paper and packaging! Perfect for gift giving!

  8. i received this sample pack with my order, i didn’t think it will have so many papers and it was a very pleasant surprise.
    i tried some and will try the rest and it will help me to know which paper to order for my art.
    i am very happy that i discovered Inkston store.

  9. Lastly for the paper samples, I really enjoyed how detailed the pack really was. Each paper was labeled and showed what was recommended which I like a lot. It’ll help me pick a new paper once i need more 😀

  10. All perfect. Very nice presentation, and paper well protected. I will be able to choose the right paper thanks to this sample package. Thank you

  11. Sample pack is more like a professional portfolio of the many paper products produced by Inkston. Sample sheets are beyond generously sized and clearly labeled. Also includes reference sheet that is beyond helpful in identifying your substrates characteristics.

    I would also like to take this time to praise Yan LUO for going above and beyond then what would normally be expected. Yan assisted me in finding a paper that i wasn’t even able to describe which made the task a challenge. I have already recommended Inkston to several clients and am beyond confident that they too will recommend Inkston in a heartbeat.

  12. This was a very nice suprise! The paper looks very good. So nice i wonder do i dare to use it. I like nice paper but it always makes me wonder what if what i drow on it doesnot look good than i have ruined this wonderfull paper…..
    First some pactise than use it to make something beautifull!
    Thank you very much!

  13. Very nice selection of papers in this sample. Going to order several of the varieties for different uses – calligraphy, sumi landscapes and …??? All very nice papers and all highly recommended!

  14. It is very usefull for the next shopping. The sample pack is made very nicely and clearly. All these samples have big dimensions, so it is really good for choosing “the right” type of paper.

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