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Four Gentlemen: Chrysanthemum – painting techniques from Mustard Seed Garden – 兰竹梅菊 : 菊花 júhuā

菊:凌霜飘逸,特立独行,不趋炎势,是为世外隐士。 Chrysanthemums "菊花 júhuā", are one of the traditional 'four gentlemen' of Chinese painting, representing autumn. (The others are plum…

Zhao Mengfu Paintings

Painting gallery for Zhao Mengfu, 赵孟頫 1254-1322, one of the most famous and important calligraphers and painters in Chinese art…

David Reid – Colourful Inspirations in Materials

Have you encountered difficulties when combining Western painting techniques with Chinese ones? I only use water-based inks on Chinese papers.…

Chinese Painting/ Sumi E Colour Mixing Chart

In this article, we have listed some popular formulas to create new colours. The colour on the right end of…

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