Mounting Paper – Thin 144x76cm

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This is thin mounting paper. The size is 144 * 76 cm per sheet while a standard Si Chi (Chinese measurements of Xuan paper size) Xuan paper size is 138 * 69 cm. It is a perfect choice to as the first mounting layer, in between the painting and thicker paper or card, known in chinese as the “painting heart” or central mounting piece.

We will fold it to ship. It can be easily flattened with water and heat. You can iron it before mounting or use it directly because water and glue will make it flat.



青檀 Qīng tán is the Pteroceltis tatarinowii tree native to the Xuan town / Jing county area, also known in English as Wingceltis or Blue Sandalwood.
Qing Tan bark is the main ingredient for Xuan paper, the wood makes good timber, and the berries and oil are used in the making of ink.

稻草 Dàocǎo rice straw is a secondary ingredient in “rice paper” which is normally made with >50% tree bark.

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Product Size 144 × 76 cm
SKU ink-mpt15551-15551

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3 reviews for Mounting Paper – Thin 144x76cm

  1. Mounting paper from Inkston! I did the mounting of these paintings this morning, it looks they dry perfectly, no bubbles no wrinkles!!!! I used this mountingpaper for the first time it is thin but strong, even when its really wet. It makes the proces much easier.

  2. Mounting Paper – Thin 144x76cm is good quality and has done very well for mounting. It is thin but strong. Excellent paper for backing. Inkston has always been very helpful and provide a lot of GOOD information about buying paper, tools, mounting process, etc. Great company!

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