Wenzhou Pi Paper 皮纸

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This is a roll of Mulberry paper 46cm wide and 25m long, this is suitable for painting and calligraphy in its own right and also for use as mounting paper for works on half width Xuan paper (eg 35cm wide, 135 long).



bark of Paper Mulberry tree (Broussonetia papyrifera) used to make mulberry paper such as 温州皮纸 WenZhou Pi paper, known in Sumi-e as Washi.

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Product Size 46 × 2500 cm
Product Weight 3200
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温州皮纸 (Wēnzhōu pízhǐ) WenZhou Pi paper is a famous paper for sumi-e, Chinese painting and calligraphy, also know as Mulberry Paper or Washi. This paper is made from the bark of Paper Mulberry tree (Broussonetia papyrifera) and produces a stronger thicker paper than Xuan paper which is made from the bark of the Peteroceltis tatarinowii tree (青檀 Qīng tán). Unlike Xuan paper, Pi Paper is packed in a long roll. This is machine made paper.

Inkston Pi paper is produced at the best Pi Paper factory in Wenzhou. This factory has long been producing papers for Japan and it has the highest production standards in China.

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3 reviews for Wenzhou Pi Paper 皮纸

  1. This is a very fine, exceptional paper to work with. The paper behaves in a different way from Xuan paper and is a delight to paint on. I will be buying several more rolls of this excellent, very high quality paper in future.

  2. Very smooth paper, large quantity!

  3. Great paper, it’s consistent, easy to use and control, good for both ink and color, has a very soft feel about it, very few wrinkles when used, and easy to dry mount. My favorite paper, lots of it in the roll so it’s great value.

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