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Directory of Artists and Calligraphers around the world specialising in Oriental arts.

Gail Threinen
Lakeway, Texas
US United States
Gail has always worked in the arts including music, theatre and painting. While earning her degree in Directing for the Theatre, she did her costume, set and lighting design renderings...
Chinese Brush Painting Classes ,Adult/senior program Teacher Robert Santee
Ridgewood,New Jersey Phone -201-670-5560
US United States
Been Painting now for 8 years started with a Chinese art teacher .I like to do and teach free hand water colors.I do sell my art work, i do not...
Reyes Muñoz
ES Spain
Mi nombre es Reyes Muñoz, historiador del arte y artista plástica. Soy de Sevilla (España) Desde pequeña siempre estuve interesada por el mundo de las imágenes, todo lo visual, que...
Franck Rollier
Lyon, which is the second city in France
FR France
I would say a quite weird origin is that I completely don’t know why I love to paint like I do,except that  it’s my natural way of  thinking paintings. When I try to...
Darlene Kaplan
Alexandria, Virginia
US United States
I made the switch from oils to oriental brush painting style when I was taking martial arts. My teacher was Chinese and he advised me to try this style of...
Kalpa MacLachlan: Sumi-E Atelier
NL Netherlands
From my very childhood I love to draw and paint and from there the desire grew to make painting my profession. I was accepted at the Academy of Fine Arts...
TheGorkaia  莲 (chinese name)
ES Spain
Learning sumi-e art. I´m self taught.  I start with oriental art when I discovered Chuang tzu “All men know the use of the useful but nobody knows the use of the useless”...
Artist Nan Rae
Los Angeles
US United States
A charmed visit to Monet’s home in Giverny became a moment of destiny when I saw his collection of Japanese Woodblock prints. As a Western artist, I began a search...
Timothy Hon Hung Lee
GB United Kingdom
My uncle is an artist and I remember seeing one work in particular that was on rice paper. It was the colour of the surface that I was initially drawn...
Beppe Mokuza
Headquarter in Alba (Italy - Piemonte) but I have students all over Europe and some secondary workshop places like in the Netherlands, Germany and France.
IT Italy
I am Italian and I have been teaching traditional Chinese painting for 25 years. I was involved into art because 30 years ago I started to practice Zen meditation (zazen)...
Peter Kocak 渝霖
Presov city
SK Slovakia
Techniques: classic ink brush, chinese paper, ink Art for Sale: please send me a message. Art Album: please visit my online album.  Teaching: I am university art college professor, teaching printmaking art, engraving,...
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Laura Beaton
Mississauga, Ontario
CA Canada
Art for Sale: Yes I sell my artwork, contact me by sending me a message or visit my website. Teaching: I do not teach Artist’s Statement My creativity and desire to learn...
Bonnie Canning   康宝宁 Kāng Băo Níng
Lady Lake, Florida
US United States
Origin Story: Ever since I remember, I have had a fascination with foreign countries and cultures. I’d study maps and read library books for hours. My favorite was always China....
Fumiyo Yoshikawa
Bay Area of San Francisco
US United States
I am from Kyoto, Japan and currently living in the Bay Area of San Francisco. My grand father introduced me to the antiques, old paintings, crafts, furniture and etc and decided...
Tereza Mitry
EG Egypt
My love for Chinese Brush painting started in the States. I briefly studied Asian art in college and that is where I first saw a Chinese painting. I loved it...
Pedro Molina
ES Spain
Me involucre en el arte chino viajando a Beijing dos veces, gracias al taichí (arte que practico a diario) conocí esta gran ciudad. Allí conocí a mi primer  maestro de...
Alfred Freddy Krupa
HR Croatia
It started with my first mentor and grandfather Alfred Krupa Sr.MFA (1915-1989), and later I was (in 1998/99) the postgraduate research student (The Monbukagakusho Scholarship (文部科学省奨学金 Monbukagakushō Shōgakukin) at the...
Heather MacDonald
CA Canada
I developed an interest and fascination with oriental arts and philosophies in my teens. Eventually I began studying calligraphy with a Japanese master calligrapher/painter, Sensei Tomoko Kodama.  Mrs. Kodama mentored...
Mo Feisheng 墨蜚聲
Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA
US United States
Name: Meredith McPherson Artistic/studio name (given to me by master calligrapher Liang Zongheng) is Mo Feisheng 墨蜚聲 While I was working at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., I asked...
Ru Xi of Silk Scroll Arts
AU Australia
Chinese ink painting and calligraphy has been a practice of mine since five years of age. Remembering when I was young, my grandfather used to practice calligraphy in his spare time...
Shizen Art Studio
CA Canada
During my artistic development, I experimented various mediums such as the pastel, the charcoal, the India ink and the acrylic. Since I began to practice the art of Japanese calligraphy...
Casey Shannon
Carmel, California and Portland, Oregon
US United States
Art as Healing My artistic journey began, like many artists, in grammar school and continued through high school. I seemed to be happiest and closest to my spirit with pen...
Paloma Fadón
ES Spain
Como artista estoy entregada al arte de la POESÍA PINTADA que recala en el TRAZO como camino por el que transitar para dejar que las palabras se expresen atentas a...
Carmen Moreno (KiMai)
Soy de Barcelona (España) pero actualmente vivo en Granada
ES Spain
Mi escuela se llama ShodoArt.  “Entiendo el mundo a través del arte, siento a través del arte, lloro a través del arte….. No se vivir sin arte… toda mi vida...
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