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This is a special wide wool brush made from 24 long-pointed wool brushes and used to apply mounting glue. It has very thick fine wool.

There are two sizes:

M: 18.5 * 15 * 1 cm

L: 24.5 * 17.5 * 1.5 cm

Special Feature: specially customized wool mounting brush supplied only by Inkston Studio. We are confident that this is one of the best quality wool mounting brush in China.



Light & fast growing Bamboo is used as a construction material, as food, to make paper, to make stems for brushes, and as a traditional subject for painting.

Wool brushes are made from soft absorbent Goat hair and can hold a lot of ink. Premium wool brushes are made from aged hair which has lost fat and become even more absorbent.  A good soft wool brush with a fat head holds a lot of ink, it is easy to use, durable and convenient for painting and calligraphy. It performs very well for painting flowers, leaves, water, animals, etc

Wool brush requires good control of wrist and strength. Therefore, it is more difficult than weasel hair brush for beginners to control.

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Before use it is recommended to rinse the new wool brush with alum water.
After use, remember to clean and dry the brush after using it.

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3 reviews for Mounting Wool Brush

  1. Pazzesco
    Lo userò non solo per l’arte cinese ma anche per quella turca “Ebru”

  2. Great brush and mounting paper plus great service

  3. Très bonne brosse pur le montage.
    Bonne densité et bonne longueur des poils.
    Je vais acheter d’autres broches chez un autre fournisseur rien à voir..

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