Red Star 3 Star 10-20% Sized Practice Xuan Paper 69 * 138 cm

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Only available in whole pack of 100 sheets.

Size: 69 * 138 cm

Grade: 3 star, practicing Xuan paper, single layer

Recommendation: for daily practice of calligraphy and Chinese painting.

Special Features:  produced by Red Star according to strict standards. The paper itself is 10 to 20% sized. Therefore, it is easier to control.


红星 [Hong Xing] or in English “Red Star” is China’s premium brand from China Hong Xing Xuan Paper Group and uses only the finest grade materials and strict quality control process. This is reflected in the price and quality of their products.


Recommended for Sumi-e / Chinese painting and professional calligraphy .
Contains around 30% to 40% Pteroceltis Tatarinowii bark, and 70% or 60% rice straw,

Paper size

138cm x 70cm (54.3×27.5inches, approx 1㎡, 1 sheet equivalent to 15 sheets A4 paper).  
[Red Star versions are labelled 138x69cm.]

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Product Size 138 × 69 cm
Shipping weight 4000 g
SKU ink-bss3xsc-10078

Paintings made by clients on this paper.

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1 review for Red Star 3 Star 10-20% Sized Practice Xuan Paper 69 * 138 cm

  1. Ce papier peu absorbant est de très belle qualité. Il convient parfaitement pour la peinture , notamment en style lignan.

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