INKSTON Perfect 80 Xuan Paper


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INKSTON Perfect 80 Xuan Paper contains 80% very fine Pteroceltis Tatarinowii tree bark, it is untreated/unsized (raw/uncooked in Chinese) and is suitable for both painting and calligraphy. It is recommended for people who have at least intermediate level of Chinese calligraphy or/and painting.

To make this Perfect grade paper the fibres are steamed/boiled and the pulp mixed for several hours longer than usual. This makes the paper finer and stronger than normal Xuan Paper.


This is fine 37gsm paper, in large 138x70cm size (I sheet has a surface area equivalent to 15 sheets A4).

Available in pack sizes:

  • 10 sheets (0.32kg net weight)
  • 25 sheets half-width (0.4kg net weight)
  • 25 sheets (0.8kg net weight)
  • 50 sheets (1.6kg net weight)
  • 100 sheets (3.2kg net weight)
Paper packs

25 Sheet Roll of half-width sheets – standard parcel shipping
25 Sheet Roll of large size – 1kg approx. shipping weight
10 Sheets in decorative cylindrical tube 1kg approx. shipping weight
50 Sheet "half-pack" 2kg approx. shipping weight
100 Sheet pack 4kg approx shipping weight




The highest grade Xuan paper, recommended for Sumi-e / Chinese painting
and professional calligraphy.
Contains 80% or higher Pteroceltis Tatarinowii (青檀 Qing Tan) bark, and 20% or less rice straw.

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Product Size 70 x 138 cm
Product Weight
Shipping size 78 x 7 x 7 cm
Shipping weight 500 g
SKU p8

Handmade in the most traditional way with spring water, rice straw, and 2 years old Pterocelti Tatarinowii tree barks.
This pack of paper is handmade at the ancient Xuan Paper workshop featured in Xuan paper making – a Unesco intangible heritage.
For more information about Xuan paper types and usage see Chinese Xuan 1,000 year old Truth paper.

These testings are done by clients:

Huang GuoHong Comment: ‘it suits well for flower and bird paintings.’

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