Huang Guohong 黄国鸿 - Chinese GongBi Detail Painting

In this article, Huang Guohong (黄国鸿) tells us about Chinese GongBi detail Painting.

Shexian, Huizhou, near Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in Anhui province has long been recognised as one of the most important centres for Chinese painting, as well as home also to Old Hu Kai Wen Ink workshop and traditional inkstone workshop.
We asked the Shexian painters to tell us about their techniques and materials.

Huang Guohong is a representative of the Xin’an school of painting which originated here and started learning GongBi painting at the age of 6. You can also read more about GongBi painting here.

Huang GuoHong talks about GongBi

Chinese paintings are composed with points, lines, and surface. Also the use of Xuan paper and inks are crucial for a nice painting.

Ink can be divided into five colors. How much water should be added into ink is up to each painter’s personal habits and how well he masters the skills.

Chinese paintings make very good use of lines, which give Chinese paintings flesh and blood. This is very different from oil paintings. Chinese painting is quintessence of Chinese culture. Different people always have different ways to use Xuan paper, brushes, and ink. This makes each painting has its own characteristics. In different stages of your learning, you will have different styles. Some people might like Gong Bi Hua while other people prefer traditional paintings. All Chinese paintings are developed from traditional types, which have very high-level skills.

Paintings are mostly composed with points, lines and surfaces. Color only facilitates the painter to express his ideas. Chinese painting can be done without using any color but ink. The black ink can be made into at least five colours, different degrees of blackness. In fact, there are much more than five types of blacknesses. How to make most of the ink depends very much on your painting experience.

I think we should have deeper understanding of ancient paintings and use these  skills on our own paintings. In any case, the attitude is the most important to do a nice painting. For example, you should paint each line seriously and understand well why you want to paint this line in such a way.

Huang Guohong — Painting makes me live in peace!



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