Painting Silk

Silk and tea might be the two most well-known products when we talk about China. Besides using for clothing, silk has been playing an important…

Song Paintings on Silk Fan

唐画如面,宋画如酒,元画以下,渐如酒之加水,时代愈后,加水愈多,近日之昼,已经有水无酒,不能醉人,薄而无味。--- 黄宾虹(1865-1955) Tang Dynasty paintings are flat,  Song Dynasty paintings are wine, paintings from Yuan Dynasty and later are going downwards. As time goes by,…

Mounted and Decorative Xuan Papers

A range of Xuan papers mounted on card, gold, red white and other colours and designs, cut into square, circle or other traditional shapes and…

Song Dynasty Gongbi Painting and Sketches

A selection of Song dynasty Gongbi detail paintings with accompanying sketches to help do you paint as described in "How to Paint Gongbihua"

How to paint Gongbi style: Lotus Out of Water

A practical example of how to do a Gongbi style chinese detail painting using a famous lotus flower painting as an example.

Huang Guohong 黄国鸿 – Chinese GongBi Detail Painting

Huang Guohong (黄国鸿), GongBi painter from Shexian, Huizhou, near Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in Anhui tells us about Chinese GongBi detail Painting.