Become a Japanese Calligrapher – Sol Michiels

Please note: This interview was done in DUTCH. In the second part of this post, you will find dutch version. :) We hope you like…

孙岩 SunYan – 山水 ShanShui landscape painting

SunYan (Ding Fa), artistic name "Shi Chi" is a leading landscape painter, his art works are presented frequently at various professional art exhibitions and on…

Wang Zirang 汪子让 Painting Gallery: Joy of Su Ink

Su ink Shanshui painting collection from Wang Zirang 汪子让 follower of Huang Binhong and leading Xin'An artist, well known for Su ink Shanhui paintings.

Waina 薇娜 Calligraphic wildlife painting gallery

Calligraphic Painting gallery from Waina 薇娜 celebrated wildlife artist and Fellow of the Linnean Society, now based in UK - see

Tang Yin 唐寅 Paintings

Painting gallery of Tang Yin, 唐寅 1470 - 1524, famous scholar, painter, calligrapher, and poet of the Ming Dynasty.

Lan Ying 蓝瑛 – Flowers, Birds, and Landscape Paintings

Painting Gallery for Lan Ying (蓝瑛), famous Ming Dynasty painter of Shanshui Landscapes and Flower/Bird paintings.

Wang Hui Landscape Paintings

Painting collection of Wang Hui, 王翚 1632 - 1717 one of the best Chinese landscape painters in Chinese art history.

Ancient Chinese Flower Paintings by Yun Shou Ping 惲壽平

Painting gallery of Yun Shou Ping [恽寿平] (1633-1690) famous for his paintings of flowers and animals.

Zhao Mengfu Paintings

Painting gallery for Zhao Mengfu, 赵孟頫 1254-1322, one of the most famous and important calligraphers and painters in Chinese art history.

Song Dynasty Gongbi Painting and Sketches

A selection of Song dynasty Gongbi detail paintings with accompanying sketches to help do you paint as described in "How to Paint Gongbihua"

Huang Guohong 黄国鸿 – Chinese GongBi Detail Painting

Huang Guohong (黄国鸿), GongBi painter from Shexian, Huizhou, near Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in Anhui tells us about Chinese GongBi detail Painting.