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孙岩 SunYan – 山水 ShanShui landscape painting

孙岩(定法),号石痴,安徽歙县人,毕业于安徽师范大学。现为安徽省美术家协会会员,黄山市美术家协会会员,新安画派研究会理事。师从新安画派名家吴辛园,叶瘦谷,主攻山水,其作品崇尚自然,返朴归真,布局严谨,意境幽深,朴茂苍茫,缜密变化,入质入理,精巧中见功夫,深得我国著名美术史论家,画家王伯敏老先生的赏识,王老看其山水作品后欣然书写“能见黄山白岳便是福”书法作品相赠。1999年2月歙县电视台为其做了《新安画派的传人》专题报道,2001年8月黄山电视台又为其做了《新安山水名家》专题报道。作品曾多次在中 国书画报,美术报,安徽日报,黄山日报等报刊发表,并多次参加全国和省市美展。

SunYan (Ding Fa), also uses artistic name “Shi Chi” which means someone who is passionate with stones. He graduated from Anhui Normal University and is a member of Artist Association of Anhui province, Artist Association of Yellow Mountain City, and Institute of XinAn Painting Studies. He learned painting from famous XinAn school artist Wu XinYuan and Ye ShouGu. Specializing in traditional Chinese landscape painting, SunYan strives to be as close as possible to nature. His style pays close attention to the delicate structure. Mr. Wang BoMin, a famous Chinese art theorist and artist has very high recommendation of SunYan’s painting and even made a special calligraphy for SunYan. In February 1999 and August 2001, two major local TV stations made two special interviews with him. Besides these achievements, his art works are presented in various professional art exhibition frequently, for example:

  • 安徽省青年美术大展(入选) AnHui Young Artists Art Exhibition (nominated)
  • 《徽风松》黄山市美术作品大展(入选) Hui Feng Song Yellow Mountain Art Exhibition (nominated)
  • 《水墨安徽》中国画作品展(入选) Shui Mo An Hui Chinese Art Works Exhibition (nominated)
    第四届安徽美术作品大展(入选) The 4th An Hui Art Exhibition (nominated)
  • 《纪念辛亥革命一百周年》皖粤书画名家作品展(入选) 100 Years Anniversary of Xinhai Revolution WanYue Artists Exhibition (nominated)
  • 第三届“金鼎杯”全国书法美术作品展(优秀奖) The 3rd JinDing Bei National Calligraphy Art Exhibition (awarded)
  • 首届中国书画小品大赛作品展(优秀奖) The 1st Chinese Small Scale Art Works Exhibition (awarded)
  • 《世界遗产在中国》全国书法美术作品展(优秀奖) World Heritage in China National Calligraphy Exhibition (awarded)
  • 首届“华表奖”全国书法美术作品大展(铜奖) The 1st Hua Biao Jiang National Calligraphy Exhibition (3rd place)
  • 《阳光杯》全国书画摄影作品展(优秀奖) Yang Guang Bei National Art Photography Exhibition (awarded)
  • 第一届《时代颂歌》全国书法美术作品展(入选) The 1st Shi Dai Song Ge National Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition (nominated)
  • 《墨韵徽州》新安画派书画艺术精品展 Mo Yun Hui Zhou Xin An School Art Exhibition
  • 《山南水北》青阳歙县两地书画名家作品展 Shan Nan Shui Bei QingYang She Xian Art Exhibition

Here Sun Yan talks about his life and painting:

For more videos by Sun Yan please see our YouTube channel.

After I graduated in 1991, I started learning painting with famous artists. Speaking of painting, it is a mixture of joy and pain in the process of breaking through. For example this painting, it is called Po Shan in my dream. In order to create this art work, I visited this place several times during 4 to 5 days. In Po Shan, the river is not located as you see in this painting. However, in order to get the whole painting better structured, I moved the river’s location. This is a big scale painting which has 2 meters long. Therefore, I make the road like S and use the waterfall to break the direction of the painting.

In this painting, you can see a lot of trees. I mainly used pine trees. Nevertheless, if you look closely, you can also see other types of trees hiding in the pine trees. In this painting, you can see very obvious contrast of business and looseness.

I also painted clouds in order to make the whole atmosphere vivid. These clouds have different shapes, sizes, and locations. All is to make the structure and colours balanced. I need to paint small details to make the painting more detailed.

All the painting originates from nature. However, you have to put your own elements in your painting. This is art creation. In terms of landscape painting, you can not simply make a copy of the natural views. It is very important to make the painting long-lasting. Make the most of the traditional techniques and put your personality in the painting.

I used big brush to finish the trees. There is a special skill I used. It is to get the ink dots on the trees to create the natural finish for woods. Some place has dark ink dots while other places have light ink dots. The purpose of using dots is to create special musical rhythm for the painting.  I explain a little about this technique here:

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