Directory of Artists and Calligraphers around the world specialising in Oriental arts.
Annuaire des artistes et calligraphes du monde spécialisé dans les arts orientaux.
Directorio de artistas y calígrafos de todo el mundo especializados en artes orientales.
Verzeichnis von Künstlern und Kalligraphen auf der ganzen Welt, spezialisiert auf orientalische Künste.
Artist Nan Rae
Los Angeles
US United States
A charmed visit to Monet’s home in Giverny became a moment of destiny when I saw his collection of Japanese Woodblock prints. As a Western artist, I began a search into the art of the...
Detail of horizontal scroll of Chinese dragons. Ink and color on paper.
Portland, Oregon
US United States
I have practiced Chinese calligraphy and painting for over fifteen years under the tutelage of Chinese artist Wang Gongyi (王公懿) and have also studied at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, PRC. I...
Japanese sea dragon painting- mineral based pigments and ink on silk
US United States
I was always fascinated by paintings on silk and the level of detail that can be achieved on it while still using traditional techniques. Seeing as how painting on silk in general is so rare,...
A Sumi-E Artist María Papp
US United States
María Papp is an educator, a linguist, and a Sumi’e artist. She studied art at The Institute Of FineArts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, her place of birth. Learned the classical academy tradition at the age...
Mariano Soto
Ciudad de México y España
MX Mexico
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Licenciado en Bellas Artes por la Universidad de Barcelona, amplió sus estudios en distintas escuelas y universidades de Italia. Tras años de experimentación con distintas técnicas pictóricas, centrado especialmente en la investigación y práctica de...
Su Peng
GB United Kingdom
I’m Peng Su 鹏苏, originally from North China and taught by my great-grandpa Baozhang. I now live in the UK — painting exhibiting and tutoring in Chinese watercolour and Japanese Sumi-e painting. About me As a...
Small river otter
St Davids, Wales
GB United Kingdom
I am loving learning about inks, painting otters with wild river water and pine soot ink that smells beautiful. I do sell work, don’t often do commissions, really yearn to find an old ink stone...
Julia Martin ~ Brushstroke Poems
South Coast
GB United Kingdom
I am a Chinese Brush Painting Artist and enthusiast, working from my studio ‘Brushstroke Poems’.  I have been solely dedicated to Chinese Brush Painting for over twelve years and have been tutored by both Chinese...
Peter Kocak 渝霖
Presov city
SK Slovakia
Techniques: classic ink brush, chinese paper, ink Art for Sale: please send me a message. Art Album: please visit my online album.  Teaching: I am university art college professor, teaching printmaking art, engraving, but I do workshops in...
小池  (楊萬里)  PEQUEÑO ESTANQUE (Poema de Yang Wanli)
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
AR Argentina
Profesor de Caligrafía China y Pintura China en el Instituto Confucio Universidad de Buenos Aires.
张九州 Zhang Jiu Zhou
CN China
I value independence most. I hope after I die, my artworks can continue my life for me. When I was little, my family was very poor. I loved doodling on paper. After over 30 years...
王志琦 Wang ZhiQi
CN China
Calligrapher Wang ZhiQi 王志琦 was student of the great modern Chinese calligrapher Qi Gong 启功. He is a member of the leading calligraphy association, China Calligraphers Association. Wang ZhiQi has received numerous awards and was invited to...
Huang GuoHong 黄国鸿
She County
CN China
I was 6 when I started painting. It was my father’s influence, not my own initiative. When I was six, I was in my first year at school. One day, in my school art class,...
Wang ZiRang 汪子让
She County
CN China
Wang Zirang is a member of China Artists Association, Chinese Painting Research Association, Modern Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association, Xin’An Calligraphers Association and president of Huang Binhong Painting Institute. Shexian, includes old Huizhou, near Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)...
97 x 60 cm
DE Germany
My Chinese name is Binghu Shanren. My studio name is : the studio in the old harbor and also studio at the icelake. I was about 20 years old around 1968 I saw Chinese and...
She County
CN China
从小就爱画画,但一开始父辈没有这种意识,我也没有上过专门的艺术学校,都是自学。兴趣是最好的老师,我这样坚持了三十多年。基本上能者为师,向古人学,向书本学,向朋友学。这个与油画不一样,需要专门的培训。中国画,写意画,是老师教不出来的。因为老师没有办法把他的生活经历教给你,每个人的生活历练都不一样的,画出来的意境也不一样。油画可以复制,临摹;但是中国画不可以的,当时的心境、状况都不一样的,同一个人画的画也不一样。这也是中国画特殊的地方。中国画要在特殊的状况下一气呵成,只能作加法,不能作减法。油画如果出错可以之后修改,但中国画不可以的。 I loved painting when I was little. At that time, my parents were not aware of importance to cultivate children’s hobbies. I didn’t go to any special art school. I learned all on my own....