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      Hi All,

      Since I am a westerner and I study Chinese, I am currently undergoing the hard task of choosing a Chinese name for myself. The last thing I want to do is to simply translate my Italian name in Chinese… instead, I want to pick up a name that really sounds Chinese. My passion for Cinese culture led me to buy an old book that aims at leading the reader to choose an auspicious Chinese name based on zodiac, yin/yang, binomials etc. After some study and attempts, I came up to what sounds to me like a fair name, but I would really like to hear from any Chinese native speaker or experts among you if, to your ears, this sounds like a good name for a male.

      So, here we go: the surname is 波 (Bo1), given name 傲蟀 (Ao4 Shuai4) – I  really liked the idea of having both a character that reminds of the cricket, with its fighting spirit and good fortune meaning, and a character that conveys the meaning of being proud.

      Does this sound like a nice/good/fair name to you?

      I really appreciate any feedback you may give me.

      Thank you!

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      great question!   sorry there was a small system issue when you first posted it

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