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      Hi All, I would like to ask you a question about calligraphy styles. I am a more or less a beginner who has learnt the little he knows so far from books and video sources, not having the time to regularly attend calligraphy courses (too sad…). Nonetheless, I practice over and over again as soon as I have the chance to. Often I happen to read about the importance for beginners to practice the styles of Yan Zhenqing or Liu Gongquan because of the proportions and harmony of composition they are able to teach you. What do you think about this? To be honest, I have tried to copy the style of Chu Suiliang and I definitely have the impression of being by far more apt to it, since I usually get very disappointed with my attempts at Yan or Liu styles…

      Any tips/ideas/suggestions?

      Thank you!!

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      Hello ema.ballo

      For beginners it is usually recommended to copy styles from Yan Zhenqing or Liu Gongquan or Ouyang Xun or Zhao Mengfu. Simply because these were the greatest four calligraphers in the regular script. By mastering one of their styles you will master everything you need to know of the regular style (kaishu).

      I am not that familiar with the calligrapher Chu Suiliang, I looked up his calligraphy and it’s not that bad. Although there are some typical techniques just for his style. If you want to copy and learn these , by all means go ahead.

      In China they tend to recommend you to learn a style from a calligrapher even though you do not feel ‘connected’ with this style. I personally think that you should have some kind of ‘connection’ with the style you do that way your learning curve will be better because you have a better motivation 🙂

      It also depends on the learning material/resources you have, like books etc. Hope this helped you a bit

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      Eventually, all the styles you mention are good to practice and the noted calligraphers of history all have something to offer. I would say to continue to practice those you seem to have an affinity for; eventually you will also try others. My teacher has me work constantly on kaishou “standard” styles he gives me models for. But I also do standard from others. It is all good. In addition, be sure to work on various sizes, from very small to single character with large brush. Such a challenge! Good Luck!

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      Great, thank you for your precious suggestions… I’ll keep practicing treasuring your hints!

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