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      I bought this paper for practice on eBay last year and would like to know what it is.
      Could someone please translate the label for me?
      I had bought this 100 pack of 100×50 cm for about 17 € including shipping, I can remember that it was on offer. My experience with it, its suitable for practising, strokes of different moisture can be easily drawn on it, it is not as absorbed as other unsized papers.

      It’s probably a Xuan paper, I think.

      At the beginning I was afraid to get very thin paper from eBay, it would have to be saved on the material in order to be able to offer things cheaply. I then researched on Chinese paper on eBay on the internet whether people have experience with it and then decided after several reviews on Instagram to give it a try.

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      罗雁 LuoYan罗雁 LuoYan

      Hi AskiaLua,

      This is made with babmoo fibres. It was marked as ‘Sheng Xuan’ but it is not traditional ‘Xuan Paper’ since it uses different fibres. It is made in Sichuan province while the authentic xuan paper can only be made in AnHui province. According to the price, I suspect it is machine-made since this cannot cover labour cost for making this amount of paper, not to mention fine raw materials.

      However, if the price is 17 € including international shipping for 100 sheets of 50 * 100cm. It is very good value. You could give it a try. If you like using it, you can continuing sourcing this. Authentic sheng xuan sometimes are not as friendly as industrial papers.

      I hope this is helpful. For more information about ‘Xuan Paper’, please refer to our article about the craftsmanship and raw materials:

      Xuan Paper Making – a UNESCO intangible heritage

      best wishes,
      Inkston Customer Helper

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      罗雁 LuoYan罗雁 LuoYan

      high quality thin xuan paper in fact is more expensive because this thinness requires better raw materials to ensure the paper strength and highly skilled craftsmanship. 🙂

      The same applies to thick (double/ triple layer) xuan paper. In this case, only skilled craftsmen could do the job.

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