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      Is there a classic, “standard” way to do a calligraphy piece that uses either a whole poem or a few line(s) of a poem?

      Some poems are so famous that I suppose a line or two quoted need not even be cited on the piece. Much of the calligraphy I’ve seen from history uses one of the two general following formats:

      1. The title and author name of the poetry is the first vertical line on the right, followed going to left the poem (or quoted lines) themselves, then the calligrapher’s name and seal in the last vertical line.
      2. The poem or lines from the poem are arranged vertically, right to left, then the author of the poem is shown, and below that is the calligrapher’s name, seal and sometimes date.

      Does anyone know of a generally accepted format for doing this kind of quote in calligraphy? I know that if I’m doing this for myself it could be a lot of different ways, but I like tradition. : )

      Thanks for any advice or if there is information elsewhere online/internet.


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