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      Can you use the regular inkstone (for solid sumi-inkstick) to grind the coloured inksticks?

      Or is it better to use these to have different pots of colour? Or aren’t these used to grind?


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      罗雁 LuoYan罗雁 LuoYan

      Yes, you can but please make sure the inkstone is cleaned well before you use different colours. 🙂

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      Sometimes it is easier to use a cheap “Porcelain inkstone”, not really an ink stone but I am told they were used. Had this one been used for ink it most certainly would NOT have been rendered this white.  🙂
      Using the rough porcelain surface makes the coloured particles a lot faster than a normal ink stone would but more than this they are particularly easy to clean.
      If anyone wants a set of 12 coloured ink sticks, I have had a set for almost 15 years that I do not use. They are well aged and would be great for making all the colours you require if this is what you wish to do to Paint Chinese style.
      Send me the shipping and you can have them for free.

      Porcelain Inkstone.
      Porcelain Inkstone especially used for Coloured ink sticks.

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      Oh Well done Felice. I just saw your link.
      Yes, porcelain is perfect.  Well done. You are ahead of the crowd. 🙂

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