How to make a scroll without silicone paper ?!

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      Hello! Please, tell us how to make a scroll without silicone paper ?! According to the traditional technology – how to prepare a sheet of paper for the scroll, how to paste a drawing on it (the drawing is already glued) – any information would be useful!

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      罗雁 LuoYan

      Hello Tikhon, thanks for your post! We have written one article on traditional mounting method. You can have a look at it:

      Mounting Materials and Tools

      In this article, we have also cited the video clip from the British Museum. It is a very good example of mounting. We do not recommend silicon paper at all because this silicon layer makes it impossible to maintain and repair the painting.

      We would recommend you to learn how to make natural glue with flour. You can find some discussions on this topic in the forum. These discussions have provided very good tips on how to make flour, what is the alum powder for glue, where to find alum powder, etc.

      For the basic materials, you can refer to the article we have just mentioned. For any specific question, please post it here. 🙂

      PS., sorry for missing your question. And we will come back to you more quickly.


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