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      Hi, I find ink sticks from time to time I can not identify and would like to know what those are.

      Especially because I am looking for good purchases.

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      All these are produced by 徳记胡开文 Deji Hukaiwen factory. Personally, I’ve never used their ink, but as far as I know their reputation is not very good.

      The first one is called “唐墨” (Tang Mo), an oil soot ink (it says 书画油烟墨, “calligraphy and painting oil soot ink”, on the box). Many factories make some version of the “唐墨” mold and it is usually a middle-grade oil soot ink, but the exact recipe varies from one factory to another. 纯松烟 is literally pure pine soot.

      For historical reasons, there are many factories with Hukaiwen in their name. Talking about new ink, 屯溪胡开文 Tunxi Hukaiwen (registered trademark 胡开文 Hukaiwen) and 绩溪胡开文 Jixi Hukaiwen (registered trademark 苍佩室 Cang Pei Shi) are generally considered good, 歙县老胡开文 She County Old Hukaiwen (registered trademark 李廷珪 Li Tinggui) is supplied at Inkston. Tunxi and She County Old Hukaiwen were two of the state-owned ink factories in the last century.

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      I agree. These inksticks are very “basic”. It can work, of course, but it is not excellent.

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