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      I’m looking for an online course (in English/ German or Spanish) for a semi-advanced level. Online you can find a lot but mostly for beginners and honestly most of them you can tell by their portfolios that the teachers are not so professional or lack of technical skills in their strokes, etc.

      I found many interesting online courses in Russian, and in YouTube you can also find a lot of cool videos but mostly in Chinese or corean.

      So I was wondering if maybe someone in this community could recommend a professional online course in any of the languages I speak.

      Im also interested in calligraphy courses.

      Any tip will be very appreciated.

      PS: I already checked in the list of teachers registered in this website, but I didn’t find what I’m looking for.





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      Have you checked online courses on Back to School Promo Codes at Reecoupons, I did many courses from availing service from there, and I also saw this course on there, I recommend you to check on there, I hope you will easily find it.

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      ApprenticeTetsu Uma

      Henry Li of Blue Heron Arts has an upcoming class in the fall, but his old classes are available for free on YouTube, and his wife has Calligraphy lessons on his YouTube channel as well. They speak English quite well, and Henry is a professional painter and scholar.

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