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      Hello, I was wondering why calligraphers and/or painters have a lot of seals. You would think that a seal is like the artist signing its work but if an artist has so many seals, how can an outstander know who the author is? Western artists normally put their signature on their work and its always the same one so you can recognize who’s work it is.

      I know that every seal has another meaning and the reason why using other seals on your works is probably because it’s more fitting to the work itself. Just don’t know if this is a correct way of thinking. So I would like to know your thoughts or the reason behind owning/making many seals?


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      It is exactly what you said. They are 2 categories of seals. The first one is for signing but you cannot use the same for a small or a large painting. So you need to have several of different sizes and shapes. The second category is for expressing a meaning, a feeling or a circumstance. Than you can have many.

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