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      Hi everyone,

      I was given this beautiful ink stone yesterday – at least I think it is an ink stone. I was hoping someone who understands Chinese could translate the info card for me. I’m hoping it’s a Duan ink stone, as it comes from Guangdong region where it is mined.  But as you will see from the pictures, it’s no ordinary piece.

      Thank you and be well,

      Info card

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      It is indeed a Duan inkstone, although I think the design is more decorative than practical.

      – Certificate for collectible Duan inkstone
      Name: Guangdong Museum collection, “Canals in Precious Stone” or something of the like
      Mine: Songkeng “Song dynasty mine”
      Measurements: 15x15x4 (cm)
      Production supervisor: Guangdong Provincial Museum
      Design: Chengliang’s Inkstone Workshop
      Production: Chengliang’s Inkstone Workshop
      Year of production: 2009
      Stone characteristics: pig-liver red, colored bands, moist, fine, dense and solid.

      “Song mine” stone was discovered in the Song dynasty (duh), and is a type of Duan inkstone. It’s mined on the north bank of Xijiang River, across the river from where the most famous stones are (were) mined. The name actually refers to a production area rather than a single mine, so there’s quite a lot of variety under the name.

      Googling around, “Chengliang’s inkstone workshop” was founded by a Cheng Zhenliang, but this stone was apparently made by an unnamed craftsperson.

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        In fact, the shape imitates the appearance of the new museum building opened in 2004.

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