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      Instead of mounting a calligraphy piece on a scroll, is there a preferred kind of board that xuan paper might be mounted on? I’m thinking of silicone paper for attaching the work. The board could be used flat or possibly add a frame of similar material? I’d appreciate any ideas from those of you who have done it. Thanks.

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      罗雁 LuoYan

      We do not like silicone paper to mount your painting because this does not allow you to maintain your painting later. The silicone makes your painting attached to the mounting paper firmly and does allow you to separate the painting from the mounting paper later for maintenance. However, yes, silicone paper is very simple to use. This is widely used for mounting work which is done by machine instead of traditional Chinese method.

      For mounting, you mount the painting on several layers of mounting papers. The mounting paper can be mulberry paper. There are 2 types mounting papers available in our shop. One is the thick mounting paper and the other is thick cotton mounting paper. The ‘frame’ is mounting silk. You can find all these materials in our mounting section.

      Thick Cotton Xuan:

      Thin Mounting Paper:

      Mounting Silk:



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