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      The most popular inkstick is not the most expensive of all, or the most traditional shape, instead it is the cigar shaped Jin Bu Yi which is pleasing and comfortable to hold and use:


      金 jīn means gold, 不易 bùyì is used in chinese expressions to mean both ‘not easy’ and ‘unalterable’.

      The three character expression 金不易 Jin Bu Yi reflects the phrase “yong bu yi” in Chinese Confucian classic The Doctrine of the Mean attributed to 孔伋 Kong Ji, the only grandson of Confucius, as follows:


      zhōnɡ bù piān , yōnɡ bú yì 。

      The Mean does not lean to one side, the way is unchanging.

      So if 庸不易 yōnɡ bú yì means “the way does not change” then maybe we should translate 金不易 jīn bùyì as “unchanging gold”.


      The Old Hu Kai Wen Ink Workshop produces Jin Bu Yi in 50g and 100g sizes as a high quality professional oil soot ink which is more economic than the premium range.
      Inkston has international distribution agreement with Old Hu Kai Wen Ink Workshop which produces inks under the Li Ting Gui trademark, inkston can’t comment any other ink labelled Jin Bu Yi.

      金不易 Jin Bu Yi Fine Oil Soot Black Inkstick

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      This was the first inkstick I chose. I plan to use it for drawing and calligraphy with both glass and steel nib dip pens.

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