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      which inkstick is good for sumi e, i am looking for one that is a bit black-bluish and one that is a bit black-brownish for japanese style sumi e.
      also i need them to be around 15-20$ each .
      which will you recommend me from Inkston inksticks?

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      罗雁 LuoYan

      Hi, molchansky.eyal, I would recommend you to try these two:

      A famous bluish black inkstick:

      特制青墨 Qing Mo Black Oil Soot Inkstick

      Green Tea Royal Oil Soot:

      青茶墨 Green Tea Royal Oil Soot Black Inkstick

      *this might not be very brownish but you can try to add a bit brown pigments such as ochre brown in the ink. This works fine.

      轻胶赭石 Low Resin Ochre Brown Mineral Color 5g


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      Hello LuoYan,

      thank you for the help,
      does the inkstick with the green tea have turpentine in it? is it glossy?
      also how is this inkstick as a less expensive option instead of the one with the green tea?:

      铁斋翁 Tie Zhai Weng Traditional Oil Soot Black Inkstick

      and thank you again!

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      罗雁 LuoYan

      Hi, the Green Tea inkstick has turpentine in it and to be more specific, it belongs to this category, Gong Yan Royal Warrant or Imperial Ink.

      The Tie Zhai Weng is another very famous classic turpentine inkstick. In fact it is more expensive than the Green Tea inkstick if you notice the weight. 🙂 I like this Tie Zhai Weng inkstick very much.

      Green Tea Royal Oil Soot Black Inkstick: 122g

      Tie Zhai Weng inkstick: 50g

      I think both are quite good options for you.

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      i see,
      i am sorry that i have a lot of questions, but i have one more 🙂
      what is a good alternative to those 2 that doesn’t have turpentine? or are all inksticks has turpentine?
      (i am a bit allergic if i inhale it, in oil paintings i do not use turpentine at all).

      (again i am very sorry for so much questions).

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      罗雁 LuoYan

      Hi, no worries about having questions! 🙂 We really appreciate your participation in the forum discussion. Many other people in fact have the similar questions.

      Yes, exactly, the Qing Mo is not turpentine soot. I highly recommend you to prepare one because it has this very special and nice bluish black colour.

      Please choose oil soot inkstick. Oil soot is glossy but less glossy than turpentine soot. In fact, the easy understanding of turpentine soot is the oil soot added with turpentine. Many people’s favorite one is this Jin Bu Yi Oil Soot inkstick. I would recommend this one. It has very high quality with very good price.

      金不易 Jin Bu Yi Fine Oil Soot Black Inkstick

      Later, if you want to move towards a higher grade, you can easily go from Jin Bu Yi to the next higher grade.

      You might be interested in this article where we wrote about different types of inks. 🙂

      Inksticks Buyer’s Guide


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      thank you so much for all the help and recommendations 🙂
      i will organize my shopping list and order

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      罗雁 LuoYan

      Thank you very much! 🙂

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      It depends what you want to paint ! Landscapes, flowers or birds don’t need the same ink. The Qing Mo is good for some landscapes but not for all.

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      I have both ink sticks and the Qing Mo is greener than pine soot because it is a different type of soot and the green tea ink stick is also a cool black because of the green tea, a little cooler than my pine soot ink stick.

      So they are both cooler blacks.

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