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      罗雁 LuoYan

      A question from Celso: Hello! Do you know anything about the representation of the three faces of a rock in Chinese painting? Very grateful and good evening!

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      When painting rocks it is important to visualize the sides of a box so that your rock has volume. Load your brush with water, grey and tip it in black so you have a good gradation of shades. This will also help to give a sense of 3-D. Here are some samples:



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      It is a traditional way of depicting rocks – if you have ever seen the method in the Mustard Seed Garden book, that is very useful.  Another wonderful book I treasure discusses the 3 faces very well and it is how I learned to think about rocks – I have taken the explanation from this book for you.

      Oriental Painting Course

      Wang Jia Nan and Cai Xiaoli, with Dawn Young

      Think of rocks as having 3 aspects:

      1 front part, facing the sun, is dry and rough

      2 side, in shadow, is wet/shaded

      3 top, is thin.

      This gives rocks a 3 dimensional affect. A side brush technique is used, and rocks are given different textures with specific brush techniques.  These you can research, as many books like the ones above, give much detail.  Good luck!

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      罗雁 LuoYan

      Another good example of rock painting by Chinese artists SunYan. He paints the lines by dotting the brush quickly. And he also suggested that to get special texture of the rock, you can also leave the paper on uneven surface and then paint. This will help create a very natural texture.

      There is one example.

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