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      I would like to reserve several colors of ink (chips or inksticks) left over at the end of the working day, from one day to the next. Should I add some additive to the ceramic container to maintain consistency the next day? Is there any way to preserve the ink for days without compromising quality?

      many thanks!

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      罗雁 LuoYan罗雁 LuoYan

      Please use chips (natural pigments). You can control the ink by adding/ extracting glue from it.

      As for ink from inkstick, the left-over ink is called ‘su ink’. This has special effects and are used to create special purposes. We once interviewed one Chinese artist who followed Huang BinHong’s style and uses a lot of Su Ink painting techniques. You might be interested:

      Chinese Su Ink landscape painting tips with Wang Zirang

      There are differences between fresh-made ink and overnight ink. 🙂 Both are great for creating unique effects. You might want to do some experiments yourself with your papers/ techniques/ brushes. I would recommend you also prepare some natural glue:

      Traditional Natural Animal Gelatin 三千本胶

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      I was delighted to discover that quality does not diminish! Of course, in that case, it opens a lot of possibilities … very inspiring, thanks!

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