Traditional Natural Animal Gelatin 三千本胶

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Gelatin is the most famous sizing agent in history. It is not ‘acid free’ but it still lasts forever. This gelatin is a classic gelatin extracted from animal skin. It is also referred to as San Qiang Ben Jiao 三千本胶 in Chinese. This gelatin is mixed with impurity substances such as fat. However, thanks to these impurities, this type of traditional gelatin is stable, resistant to water, and flexible. It is perfect in terms of transparency and stickiness.

It is widely used for layering colours in paintings. There is a very nice discussion on gelatin @INKSTON Art Forum.

This product is gelatin handmade in Japan. INKSTON has been trying different gelatin in market and finally fell in love with is Japanese piece. It is very fine, although the price is slightly higher than gelatin produced in China.


Usage: use 10 times more water to dilute the gelatin you need. For example, if you cut off 2g gelatin, then you need 20g water to dilute it.

Making Alum Gelatin Water: a basic formula is that 4g gelatin, 200cc water, and 1.3g alum. According to Chieh Tsu Yuan Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden, for different seasons the proportion of the formula is different.

  • In summer, 60% gelatin to 40% alum;
  • In autumn, 80% gelatin to 20% alum;
  • In winter, 70% gelatin to 30% alum.

Purpose: it is perfect to process natural colour chips.

Storage: once it is diluted, it is better to keep it in fridge because the product is made with natural animal skins and can get bad easily.


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