Traditional Natural Animal Gelatin 三千本胶

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Gelatin is the most famous sizing agent in history. It is not ‘acid free’ but it still lasts forever. This gelatin is a classic gelatin extracted from animal skin. It is also referred to as San Qiang Ben Jiao 三千本胶 in Chinese. This gelatin is mixed with impurity substances such as fat. However, thanks to these impurities, this type of traditional gelatin is stable, resistant to water, and flexible. It is perfect in terms of transparency and stickiness.

It is widely used for layering colours in paintings. There is a very nice discussion on gelatin @INKSTON Art Forum.

This product is gelatin handmade in Japan. INKSTON has been trying different gelatin in market and finally fell in love with is Japanese piece. It is very fine, although the price is slightly higher than gelatin produced in China.


Usage: use 10 times more water to dilute the gelatin you need. For example, if you cut off 2g gelatin, then you need 20g water to dilute it.

Making Alum Gelatin Water: a basic formula is that 4g gelatin, 200cc water, and 1.3g alum. According to Chieh Tsu Yuan Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden, for different seasons the proportion of the formula is different.

  • In summer, 60% gelatin to 40% alum;
  • In autumn, 80% gelatin to 20% alum;
  • In winter, 70% gelatin to 30% alum.

Purpose: it is perfect to process natural colour chips.

Storage: once it is diluted, it is better to keep it in fridge because the product is made with natural animal skins and can get bad easily.


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Recent discussions in: Chinese colour inksticks

  • 罗雁 LuoYan

    Really nice, love the color thank you

  • I love the rich colours of this ink stick. My old ink stone was not worthy of this beautiful smooth ink stick but I couldn’t wait until my new stone arrived before I tried it. I expect it will be even better with my new ink-stone that just arrived.

  • Beautiful rich colours. I love the meditative quality of grinding colours. They are perfect for adding a hint of colour to sumi-e paintings.

  • 罗雁 LuoYan

    still not used but they look ok! Arrived in 2 weeks

  • je suis très content, belle couleur !

  • 罗雁 LuoYan

    Very nice, thank you so much and nice packing and quick delivery

  • Beautiful craftsmanship! Strong, bright color and easy to grind. Highly recommended – Inkston is so professional and helpful!

  • Highly impressed at the quality and rich color of these Sumi ink sticks! Long lasting, easy to use, beautiful phoenix design! They come with a nice, lined case to store them! Perfect for beginners or experts! Very competitively priced! The Xuan paper included is a very large size, and a great gift! Very professional color kit!

  • I do not understand where this is used for? Layering colors?

  • Liliane Berthelet Tourtaud Merci! 🙂

  • J’espere a vos commentaires! 🙂

  • Duras
    Son un poco duras y cuesta deshacerlas y apenas cubren de color. Son muy bonitas y bien presentadas en su caja.

  • Five Stars
    good product and well packaged.

  • Color Ink Sticks Extraordinaire!
    I own this set of color ink sticks from Inkston. I enjoy using these sticks very much. Grinding the color sticks is a meditation for me getting my mind ready to paint. I enjoy this Asian painting tradition. The color you get from these ink sticks is beautiful and strong. Well worth the time of grinding. Inkston is a wonderful company as well. Their products are top quality and they answer any question. I can give them and this product my highest recommendation. You will need an ink stone for grinding your ink as well. I have attached a photo of one of my ink grinding stones.

  • Recien recibo de parte de AMAZON este precioso estuche que comercializa INKSTON. Se trata de 12 barras de pigmento para diluir con la piedra inkstone. Pigmentos de calidad superior y rendimiento tambien superior.
    En mi caso para utilizar como acuarela ( compongo mis propias paletas de colores a partir de este material).
    A destacar que el fabricante de este producto es Old Hu Kai Wen, es decir, el primer y mas pretigioso productor de barras de tinta y pigmentos de China. La distribuidora para el mundo entero INKSTON realiza una gran labor al ofrecer a través de su web propia y de AMAZON el amplio surtido de productos de Old Hu Kai Wen y otros de reconocido prestigio.
    Agradecido a ambos, a Amazon y a INKSTON por poner a nuestro alcance tan precioso y preciado material de bellas artes.
    Volviendo al estuche de las doce barras; cada una mide unos 7,5 cm y pesa unos 30 gr.
    Hay seis tonos cálidos ( amarillo-naranja-ocre-marrón- beige y tierra tostada)
    Tres tonos de color verde. Un violeta. Un azul y una barra de blanco.
    Estoy realizando mezclas entre ellas y la variedad es infinita.
    Excelente producto a un precio imbatible.
    Gracias. ¡

  • Heureuse de cet achat
    Vraiment très satisfaite de ces encres de qualité supérieure
    Les couleurs sont très belles
    Je recommande à tous ceux qui aiment le beau

  • Old Hu Kai Wen Natural Mineral Colours.
    I like the colour inksticks very much, they catch the eye, are easy to grind and have rich bright colours with a sophisticated natural look.
    You can see immediately that they are high pigmented.
    The colours also blend together beautifully!

  • Pongo 5 estrellas pero el producto merece muchas más.
    Las doce barras de colores minerales, son de una calidad extraordinaria. La presentación de lujo. Con esa base de madera realizada a la medida. Insuperable.
    En estos momentos he podido probar cuatro de las barras. El resultado está a la altura de las mejores acuarelas europeas. Los colores son algo menos vivos, pero su calidez y espíritu añejo los convierte en únicos. Voy a preparar tinta y a mezclar la entre sí ( diferentes barras de color) , intuyo que los tonos resultantes pueden ser ILIMITADOS.
    El embalaje y la entrega perfectos.
    Muchas gracias.
    Este tipo de productos son EMOCIONANTES.

  • Five Stars
    A beautiful cinnabar ink stick.

  • I have tried the colors on a Red Star double sheet of Xian paper and found that the reds and blues are augmented with a soluble color that bleeds from the basic stroke. the greens only slightly adulterated while the gold yellow is greatly soluble. The chocolate brown. possibly made with a red, bleeds a red color also.
    The colors are good but one must allow for the migrating color.

    added later,

    I must apologize for leading you into believing that the Hu inks bleed!!
    It was a mistake in using the Red Star Double paper, which has a open
    ‘weave’ that allows very small particles of pigment to diffuse away from a
    stroke. When I used two machine made and pressed papers the amount of
    diffusion was less on one and not at all on the other. Both of the last
    papers have a more ‘closed’ but absorbent nature and would have shown
    bleeding if it were there.
    I apologize to both you and the ink makers at Hu Kaiwen again for my

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