郑板桥 Zheng BanQiao ‘bambú’ juego de barras de tinta

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Este es un conjunto de tinta negra especialmente diseñado para pintar al estilo de Zheng BanQiao (郑板桥, también conocido como 鄭燮 Zheng Xie), famoso por sus pinturas de bambú y caligrafía especial. Hay cuatro inksticks en cada conjunto. Las barras de tinta están muy bien empaquetadas en una fina caja de madera forrada en seda china tradicional. La tinta es la misma, pero cada barra está decorada con diferentes obras de arte de Zheng BanQiao. Un lado está decorado con pintura de bambú, mientras que el otro lado tiene caligrafía de Zheng BanQiao.

Cada barra de tinta mide 16 x 3.8 x 1.4 cm, el peso neto de cada barra de tinta es de 119 g (476 g en total).

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las tintas de calidad más famosos en China


全 烟 Quan Yan negro es suave y profundo, mate y no brillante. Está hecho de hollín de pino producido industrialmente para producir un efecto mate mas económico que el hollín de pino tradicional. Recomendado para uso junto con tintas de hollín de aceite para crear diferentes efectos negros y para los estudiantes de pintura.
Adornado a mano en una variedad de diseños, estos inksticks hacen un buen regalo para cualquier estudiante del arte.

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Envio Standard
Standard small packet item
Tamaño Neto 26.5 × 21.5 × 3.6 cm
Peso Neto 119g*4
Peso embalado 1000 g
SKU ohkwzbq04
asin B078Z6K2VV
asinusa B078Z6KX7D
UPC 601285838403

Vea los trabajos de Zheng BanQiao presentados en nuestro artículo sobre el mar de bambú ShuNan 蜀南竹海.

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  • While this ink isn’t necessarily anything special, it is nothing short of excellent. It grinds well in the stone, being well controllable for the consistency I desire at any time. It lays down well on paper, and leaves a beautiful finish once it dries. While it may be a while before I use this one up, I will definitely keep it on my list of inks to purchase time after time.

  • Lovely ink, smokey blue. Fast delivery!

  • Delivered in quick time in safe packaging. The ink stick was as described. A beautiful item with a lovely scent. I will definitely purchase from this shop again.

  • A nicely sized ink stick, let’s off a pleasant smell and the quality of the ink is excellent. My first premium ink stick and I will never go back!

    Note; if buying for the first time I recommend starting with cheaper ones to practice. The quality of the cheap ink sticks is still really good IMO and they will not prevent you from creating your art.

  • Really nice, love the color thank you

  • Beautiful rich colours. I love the meditative quality of grinding colours. They are perfect for adding a hint of colour to sumi-e paintings.

  • Estoy satisfecha con esta barra de tinta. Al diluirla frotàndola en la piedra emerge una fragancia muy agradable. La tinta tiene una tonalidad bastante oscura, se logran tonalidades de grises lindos. Comprare otra vez.

  • je suis très content, belle couleur !

  • Good quality ink!

  • Very nice, thank you so much and nice packing and quick delivery

  • Very nice ink – lovely fragrance – goes down smooth and strong. Highly recommended!

  • Parfait, je l’utilise pour l’enluminure aussi… c’est du luxe ! je me suis fait plaisir

  • A superb stick of the highest quality ink. The scent of the herbs and oils is fabulous as you grind it and it is a delight to work with it.

  • what a treat! the ink is so worth the few extra dollars. beautiful in every respect. came well protected in packaging, too.

  • This is the first ink stick I have purchased. I have previously used bottle inks. The stick grinds very smoothly and produces a lovely rich ink. On double Xuan paper it produces a nice neutral Matt black colour, and diluted produces subtle, nuanced tones. Smells great too!!

  • Très belle encre
    Je l’ai achetée car je voulais tester l’encre en suie d’huile de lin. Le bâton n’est pas encore très entamé mais disons que l’encre est fin et dense.

  • parfumé et profond
    Le plaisir d’un bon bâton d’encre, Parfumé et dense à l’utilisation il donne des beaux noirs. Il est doux avec le pinceau mas stable avec le papier.

  • Color Ink Sticks Extraordinaire!
    I own this set of color ink sticks from Inkston. I enjoy using these sticks very much. Grinding the color sticks is a meditation for me getting my mind ready to paint. I enjoy this Asian painting tradition. The color you get from these ink sticks is beautiful and strong. Well worth the time of grinding. Inkston is a wonderful company as well. Their products are top quality and they answer any question. I can give them and this product my highest recommendation. You will need an ink stone for grinding your ink as well. I have attached a photo of one of my ink grinding stones.

  • Heureuse de cet achat
    Vraiment très satisfaite de ces encres de qualité supérieure
    Les couleurs sont très belles
    Je recommande à tous ceux qui aiment le beau

  • Old Hu Kai Wen Natural Mineral Colours.
    I like the colour inksticks very much, they catch the eye, are easy to grind and have rich bright colours with a sophisticated natural look.
    You can see immediately that they are high pigmented.
    The colours also blend together beautifully!

  • Pongo 5 estrellas pero el producto merece muchas más.
    Las doce barras de colores minerales, son de una calidad extraordinaria. La presentación de lujo. Con esa base de madera realizada a la medida. Insuperable.
    En estos momentos he podido probar cuatro de las barras. El resultado está a la altura de las mejores acuarelas europeas. Los colores son algo menos vivos, pero su calidez y espíritu añejo los convierte en únicos. Voy a preparar tinta y a mezclar la entre sí ( diferentes barras de color) , intuyo que los tonos resultantes pueden ser ILIMITADOS.
    El embalaje y la entrega perfectos.
    Muchas gracias.
    Este tipo de productos son EMOCIONANTES.

  • I love this one: This ink is «bites» into the paper. It’s supper sufficient and performs a thick and beautiful black ink. Gives a different feeling, and ink to paint with – amazing.

  • Una tinta muy apetecible. Negro mate intenso, buena gama de tonos grises. Olor fuerte pero agradable. Buena para tinta Su. Fina y delicada. Volveré a comprar.

  • Wonder qualities
    Another 1st rate ink from inkston. Wonderful qualities.

  • Difficult to find a better ink.
    A magnificent ink. It would be difficult to find one better. Inkston is a great company to deal with.

  • Super Qualität

    Duftet angenehm nach Erde. Die Tusche wird schön flüssig ohne zu klumpen. Der Stein ist ausserdem sehr ergiebig. 5 Sterne wie gewohnt

  • I have tried the colors on a Red Star double sheet of Xian paper and found that the reds and blues are augmented with a soluble color that bleeds from the basic stroke. the greens only slightly adulterated while the gold yellow is greatly soluble. The chocolate brown. possibly made with a red, bleeds a red color also.
    The colors are good but one must allow for the migrating color.

    added later,

    I must apologize for leading you into believing that the Hu inks bleed!!
    It was a mistake in using the Red Star Double paper, which has a open
    ‘weave’ that allows very small particles of pigment to diffuse away from a
    stroke. When I used two machine made and pressed papers the amount of
    diffusion was less on one and not at all on the other. Both of the last
    papers have a more ‘closed’ but absorbent nature and would have shown
    bleeding if it were there.
    I apologize to both you and the ink makers at Hu Kaiwen again for my

  • Sutil aroma. Alta calidad. Buena gradación de tonos grises. Negro fuerte e intenso. Buen sonido al golpearlo con el dedo. Bonito relieve en negro.

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