药墨 Yao Mo Pearl Medicine Black Inkstick

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Luxury inkstick made to traditional Chinese recipe with added with pearl powders, and precious herbs and rock minerals (Chinese medicine ingredients). It is a very small inkstick, which is only 2.7 grams.

The outside is covered with gold powder but inside it is a black ink.

A very valuable piece for creating special effects.




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本草纲目, Compendium of Materia Medica

The famous Chinese herbologist and acupencturist, Li Shi Zhen 李时珍 (1518 – 1593), recorded 药墨 Yao Mo Pearl Medicine Black Inkstick  in his famous book 本草纲目Ben Cao Gang Mu Compendium of Materia Medica in Ming Dynasty, though it would not be considered as a medicine today.

药墨 Yao Mo is made from a mixture of pine soot and very precious materials such as pearl, musk, and borneol. The pearl inkstick does not only use very precious raw materials but also quite sophisticated method to make the inkstick. All the raw materials need to be crushed for at least 300,000 times while a fine inkstick only needs to be crushed for 100,000 times (according to Li Ting Gui recipe). The more the ink materials are crushed, the finer the ink is because the soot and resin can be combined better. This physical change directly affect the ink’s quality and how long it can be preserved.

Yao Mo recipes have been varied slightly over history but normally always contain pearl, borneol, and nectar.

Recent discussions in: Matt black (松烟 Song Yan pine soot)

  • I can’t find fault with this item at all. nice flow of ink and do not see imperfections.

  • Gorgeous classic Pine Soot Inkstick from a deeply trusted artisan and shop, so very grateful. Yan’s products are universally superb, and his integrity, professionalism, clarity and warm, professional communication are invaluable and memorable~ bringing beauty and grace to our Family and home and for my colleagues to whom they have been gifted.

  • Lovely ink, smokey blue. Fast delivery!

  • Boxed, exceptionally handsome, decorated, classic ink stick of fine quality, from a trusted Etsy seller with excellent integrity and quality of products~ deeply grateful.

  • Estoy satisfecha con esta barra de tinta. Al diluirla frotàndola en la piedra emerge una fragancia muy agradable. La tinta tiene una tonalidad bastante oscura, se logran tonalidades de grises lindos. Comprare otra vez.

  • 轻胶 might be better translated as “light glue”, which most likely means that the ink contains “less” glue in proportion to soot. I don’t know how it compares to She Hukaiwen’s other products, and a lot of modern ink is on the light side anyway. I got this one many months ago and finally got across to trying it. In sum, I don’t like it, but I suppose you get what you pay for.

    This ink is a bit gritty to grind, and the grinding surface has small pores. The resulting liquid has a pungent, chemical smell (borneol?). The color is fairly neutral, not blue. Painting performance is not great: light ink is muddy, and black tends to gray when dry. It could improve somewhat with a few years in storage, but it’s not a high-grade ink anyway. Useful for practice and learning to understand pine soot.

    • I have the same inkstick and mine does not smell more chemical than the others.
      I still have a thousand autumn, green tea oil soot inkstick, a Quin soot ink stick and a few very cheap ones.
      Mine also has a very even surface for grinding. Without coarser particles.

      The Ink can not be blue either, because it is sooty pine resin and this is a bit cold gray when you dilute it.
      Oil soot is warm gray, except when, for example, some green tea has been added then it has a slightly greenish gray.
      I think you got one that has somehow slipped through quality control.

      Kind regards

    • As an additional comment, the grit is not harmless – I did manage to scratch my inkstone with this stick (thankfully, just a cheap student piece). –1 star from the original review.

  • Lays down beautifully. Very rich pigment – Lovely design. Highly recommended!

  • Parfait, je l’utilise pour l’enluminure aussi… c’est du luxe ! je me suis fait plaisir

  • Instead of Yellow Mountain, mine says 墨出松烟 – literally, the process of making ink out of pine soot, with the “ancient method” (古法) pictured on the other side. I will be keeping this one to be used later, so five stars as far as I can tell.

    • Dear multapaakku,
      Thank you very much for your review! 🙂 I have double checked all our stock of this Song Yan pine soot inkstick. I found that yes, there are different images on the inkstick. Not all the inkstick has the same picture as shown on this product listing page. We will upload more product images soon and hopefully this can be helpful!

      I hope you have tried this inkstick so far and find it satisfactory! 🙂

      We appreciate your trust!
      best regards,
      Inkston Customer Service

  • what a treat! the ink is so worth the few extra dollars. beautiful in every respect. came well protected in packaging, too.

  • This is the first ink stick I have purchased. I have previously used bottle inks. The stick grinds very smoothly and produces a lovely rich ink. On double Xuan paper it produces a nice neutral Matt black colour, and diluted produces subtle, nuanced tones. Smells great too!!

  • Lo recomiendo
    Muy satisfecho con la compra. Es una novedad para mi, a los que nos gusta la pintura es una nueva experiecia.

  • Original Ink
    I am a student from China and I am looking for some ink sticks to take back for they are hard to make and come back in it’s original country. This is sturdy and it’s black! Great to use for calligraphy! If you do not know how to make the ink into your texture using the traditional method DO NOT GET THIS!

  • question de taille
    produit conforme à la photo et au descriptif mais je n’avais pas pris garde à la taille d’où une mauvaise surprise quand j’ai reçu le bâton… 4 fois moins de matière que dans un bâton d’encre tel qu’on le trouve usuellement dans le commerce… Je souligne donc ce point pour ceux qui seraient comme moi marqués par le prix car c’est de fait au final une fausse bonne affaire comparé à ce qu’on peut trouver en commerce.

  • Buena barra! Compra verificada

    Barra de muy buena consistencia y perfectamente embalada. En mi caso viene con papel Sumi de muestra, lo cual agradezco. El tamaño de la barra es adecuado, ni muy grande, ni muy pequeña y el granulado del hollín es super fino, así que no se nota al fabricar la tinta ni obstruye las plumillas. 10/10

  • This ink is delicate, easy to mix and will produce matt gray hues, it was what I expected.
    Beautifully scented and the box of the ink stick is appealing as well.

  • Una tinta muy apetecible. Negro mate intenso, buena gama de tonos grises. Olor fuerte pero agradable. Buena para tinta Su. Fina y delicada. Volveré a comprar.

  • Super Qualität

    Duftet angenehm nach Erde. Die Tusche wird schön flüssig ohne zu klumpen. Der Stein ist ausserdem sehr ergiebig. 5 Sterne wie gewohnt

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  1. Very nice ink – lovely fragrance – goes down smooth and strong. Highly recommended!

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