Reposes-pinceaux en formes de lapin


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Trois dessins différents de lapin.
Concepteur: 几 象, JiXiang.
Faites à la main: 7 jours.


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asin B01MXHK21A,B01N01UTWU
asinusa B01MXHK21A,B01N01UTWU

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  • Ce repose pinceaux est vraiment un très bel objet. Et le paquet est arrivé exactement à la date promise. Merci aussi pour les échantillons de papier Xuan : c’est une excellente idée qui me sera très utile.
    Thank you so much. All is perfect. I’am very happy and I come back again.

  • Beautiful handmade brush stand with a minimalist style and very reasonable price. The height of the « valleys » allow the brushes to rest at the perfect angle so that they don’t slip out. If you like to stack your brushes in the rest it’s easy enough to do. Two medium sized brushes can fit in one of the valleys, and several small brushes can fit in one of the valleys. Again, beautifully and securely packaged, and it came with a free brush older and sample papers! Thank you Inkston!

  • What a beautiful set. I purchased these to use as brush rests but at the moment they are on display.. Lovely product and incredible service. The pieces arrived in Australia in perfect condition. Cant recommend enough. Thank you Yan!

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