Inkston 0503M 貂毫长锋 Diao Hao Long Pointed Marten Brush

Shaft: wood Brush Hair Type: 100% marten Hair. Size of Hair: 7 * 47 mm Size of Brush: 30.5 * 1 * 1 cm Suitable for:… $20.97 (USD)

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Over 60 brushes including specialist and premium Red Star and a value range from Inkston, all quality handmade Xuan brushes from traditional workshop in Anhui. Special…

INKSTON Perfect 70 Xuan Paper

INKSTON Perfect 70 Xuan Paper contains 70% very fine Pteroceltis Tatarinowii tree bark, it is untreated/unsized (raw/uncooked in Chinese) and is suitable for both painting and… $31.90$218.90