Ceramic White Mountain Brush Rest

$25.18 (USD)

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Designer: Ji Xiang

Handmade Piece; ready to ship.

Weight: 120 grams

Size: 19.5 * 3 * 7 cm

Shipping: Standard Standard shipping.
Shipping size 19.5 × 3 × 7 cm
Shipping weight 120 g
SKU ink-wmbr00-3841
asin B01MXGQ984
asinusa B01MXGQ984

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1 review for Ceramic White Mountain Brush Rest

  1. Beautiful handmade brush stand with a minimalist style and very reasonable price. The height of the “valleys” allow the brushes to rest at the perfect angle so that they don’t slip out. If you like to stack your brushes in the rest it’s easy enough to do. Two medium sized brushes can fit in one of the valleys, and several small brushes can fit in one of the valleys. Again, beautifully and securely packaged, and it came with a free brush older and sample papers! Thank you Inkston!

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