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  • material: special condensed mud which is used specially to clean inkstone surface
  • size of each piece: 3 * 3 * 4 cm
  • net weight: 80g * 2
  • function: clean inkstone surface
  • price is for a pack of such product. One pack has two pieces.

Feature: this material has very small particles. It can very well clean the inkstone surface to make the inkstone function the best to produce high quality inks.

Special Note: it is consumable product.

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Shipping size 6 × 6 × 8 cm
Shipping weight 160 g
SKU ink-nds00-8651

Instructions for use: place on the inkstone with a little water, rub gently, and rinse off with clean water.


Note: this cleaner is a special purpose product refined with fine particles to rub smoothly to help clean off the ink residue.
Do not use a general purpose product which may contain grit, since grit and small stones could scratch and damage the surface of the inkstone.

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5 reviews for Inkstone Cleaner

  1. This is just the most wonderful stuff! I have tried every kind of product one can imagine to try and properly clean my inkstands but none of them really do the job. The difficulty is that the fine pores in the stone hols ink even when they look clean and gradually it becomes more difficult to grind good ink. With this “mud” however, no problems! It cleans even the finest ink stones beautifully and you can see it working by the dark residue that lifts out of the stone. Now my stones are very clean, my ground ink is fine and lustrous and who knows maybe even my calligraphy will improve! Buy it now – you won’t regret it.

  2. Utili nel bisogno
    Presentati con cura ed eleganza

  3. Wow, delivered to SoCal within 10 days from China — unexpectedly fast (!) when int’l shipping delays is the norm these days due to covid-19.

    Great item to have around.

    Packaging is top notch and classy. Thank you!

  4. Never realised how much ink there still was on my inkstone! This stone cleans it very well without damaging the inkstone itself. I tried to use the ink that was rubbed from the inkstone to paint and that works very well! This way you won’t have to waste the ink. After that you can completely rinse the inkstone. Any sumi-e or Chinese style guohua artist should have one of these!

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