Silver Butterfly Earrings (double layers)

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Pair of handmade Qiang silver earrings with double butterfly design:  each earring has two butterflies with 3 hanging chains:  in total four butterflies and 12 chains with 12 hanging silver bells or leaves.
(Note: The bells are decorative, they don’t have clappers inside to ring as you walk, though the bells and chains together will make a light silvery tinkling sound!)

Available in 2 variations, with bell or leaf hanging decoration.

weight: 14 grams




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SKU ink-SBE-1510

All pieces are handmade silver from Qiang ethnic minority village workshop.

Silver has very strong cultural value amongst the minority peoples – see our Stories on Silver and Miao, Tibetan and Qiang people.
Craftspeople use Fine 99.9% pure silver both for its softness and the cultural value of pure silver.
By contrast Sterling silver is defined as only 92.5% purity: our silversmiths do not apply a Sterling silver hallmark!

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