Handmade Qiang silver necklace and lucky charm

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Handmade Qiang silver necklace.  Design features a central pendant with 3 hanging fruit pendants and two side pendants each hanging two fruit from silver chains.

The side pendants feature floral designs on one side and traditional good luck message 长命富贵 “long life and prosperity” on the other side.

The central pendant has a rabbit holding an ancient chinese coin on one side, and on the other side a large central good fortune (福) character surrounded by the same “long life and prosperity” message written in traditional chinese characters “長命富貴”.

weight: 31.3 grams

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SKU ink-SNR-1589

All pieces are handmade silver from Qiang ethnic minority village workshop.

Silver has very strong cultural value amongst the minority peoples – see our Stories on Silver and Miao, Tibetan and Qiang people.
Craftspeople use Fine 99.9% pure silver both for its softness and the cultural value of pure silver.

By contrast Sterling silver is defined as only 92.5% purity: our silversmiths do not apply a Sterling silver hallmark!

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