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BaDa ShanRen

BaDa ShanRen (八大山人) is art name of Zhu Da (朱耷, 1626 – 1705). He was descendant of Ming Dynasty’s first emperor Zhu YuanZhang (朱元璋, HongWu Emperor 1328 – 1398). However, after Ming Dynasty collapsed, he became a Buddhist monk and later became Taoist. Taught by Dong QiChang (董其昌, 1555 – 1636), a great landscape painter in Ming Dynasty, BaDa ShanRen developed a very simple, elegant, and peaceful art style. He has a sad life and was once mad. Maybe because of these experiences, he isolated himself from public and devoted all his life to art.


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  1. […] from such strong emotions. A famous, also one of Inkston’s most favourite Chinese artist, Ba Da Shan Ren (八大山人) had very simple, clean, elegant, and ’empty’ painting style. Therefore, it is common […]

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