Pierre à encre Sheyan tacheté d’or (nouvelle Mine)

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Inkstone professionelle de mine nouvelle avec des taches naturelles « étoile d’or » 金星. Les taches ne sont pas en or, mais ce sont des taches brunâtre sur la pierre naturelle.

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She Inkstone sculpté à la main avec un motif en pierre naturelle de taches brun-jaune connu sous le nom 金星 « étoile d’or ».

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Livraison: Gratuit La commande comprenant ce produit sera admissible à la livraison gratuite.
Taille du produit 12.8 × 8.5 × 2.8 cm
SKU ink--9386

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Discussions récentes dans:Pierre Personnalisée

  • I have no complaints, my inkstone arrived in a timely manner, and was well packaged. Inkston was more than accommodating – they communicated with me promptly after my order was placed with a readily available stone to see if it fit my tastes (and it did) and was beyond excellent in my request for a custom carving to be added after my order. The feel of a handcarved stone is simply sublime, incomparable to a machine made stone. The inkwell surface provides feedback while not being too fine or coarse for grinding ink, as well as having a well sized reservoir for holding ink – especially handy for larger brushes.

  • Beautiful stone! The support and communication from inkston was amazing as my stone was challenged by the pandemic first in China and then in the rest of the world. It took a long time to get it due to the virus but well worth the wait.

  • The inkstone I ordered arrived well and quickly, it was individually designed, and even though it was different from the original design, I fell in love with it. It is a unique piece of art by itself, and I’m very satisfied with the work of the inkston workshop.

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