Inkstone Cleaner

$5.00 (USD)

WOOCS 1.1.9
  • material: special condensed mud which is used specially to clean inkstone surface
  • size of each piece: 3 * 3 * 4 cm
  • net weight: 80g * 2
  • function: clean inkstone surface
  • price is for a pack of such product. One pack has two pieces.

Feature: this material has very small particles. It can very well clean the inkstone surface to make the inkstone function the best to produce high quality inks.

Special Note: it is consumable product.

UPC: 601285836867


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Small item - no additional shipping charge for this item
Shipping size 6 x 6 x 8 cm
Shipping weight 160 g
SKU nds00


Instructions for use: place on the inkstone with a little water, rub gently, and rinse off with clean water.


Note: this cleaner is a special purpose product refined with fine particles to rub smoothly to help clean off the ink residue.
Do not use a general purpose product which may contain grit, since grit and small stones could scratch and damage the surface of the inkstone.

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