Painting Mat (black colour)


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  • material: wool, polyester
  • colour: the new updated mat is black colour
  • main functions: protect table; absorb extra ink/ water

It is available in two sizes:

  • L – 100 * 65 * 0.3 cm, 140g
  • M – 60 * 40 * 0.2 cm, 80g

Features: inkston has spent a couple of months on testing different materials. In the end, we found this fabric is the best option for use as a protective mat for painting. It contains wool, which allows the mat to absorb excess liquid quickly. It is very light, endurable, and portable. This dark purple colour also performs very well in terms of hiding ink stains.

Cleaning: dry clean. Or it might be more economic to change to a new mat in countries where dry clean is expensive.




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6 reviews for Painting Mat (black colour)

  1. Perfecto para aprender a dibujar carácteres chinos
    Mantel perfecto para escribir caracteres chinos. El papel de arroz es muy delgado. Esta manta absorbe el exceso de líquido e impide que se encharque.

  2. Works as intended. Can fit up to a medium size painting. I’ve never considered the color of the mat before, as I had always used a white colored one. This purple one doesn’t seem like it will get dirty anytime soon!

  3. This mat is very thick and absorbent.

  4. This is a really nice mat – I’ve been using crème/beige color mats before this, but I can see a big difference with this color when using very thin paper – similar to a pastel artist using a colored paper to bring out highlights of a drawing. Much easier to determine how light/dark the ink should be when creating sumi landscapes! Highly recommended!

  5. Nice and thick mat!

  6. Protects your desk very well! It’s nice and thick, it did have a bit of a fold line in it, but this easily goes away. It’s also nice it’s a black color so it won’t look dirty if you spill some ink …… 😉

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