Old Hu Kai Wen Inkstone – Huizhou old town

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Heavy and beautifully smooth polished hand-carved ink stone.
Decorated with carving of old HuiZhou (SheXian) main gate, marked in traditional chinese writing 徽州古城 Hui Zhou ancient city – written the traditional way, from right to left.

The inkwell has a raised carving of a traditional style boat apparently sailing into the inkwell as if it is the Huizhou river.

Size: 15 * 10.5 * 2 cm


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Old Hu Kai Wen is one of the most prestigious ink stick and ink stone manufacturers in China. It was set up in the 18th century and was a royal supplier for China’s Imperial Family in Qing Dynasty. It provides the highest quality products which are made with the most traditional craftsmanship.

The marking on the box is 中国歙砚 “China Sheyan”, Sheyan means inkstone from Shexian, Huizhou, which is one of the most highly sought after type of ink stones. This type of stone is very smooth and can maximize the quality of the ink by keeping the ink moisturized and delicate.

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