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Rigid glasses case lined with silk and covered with Chinese Silk Brocade hand-stitched silk embroidery.

Lightweight practical alternative to the standard metal glasses case, and the only one with hand-made silk embroidery.

Size 17×6.5x3cm (6.69×2.56×1.18 inches)  made in one size, to fit almost all standard spectacles.

Available in a variety of colours and designs, including playful re-interpretation of traditional design themes:

  • Violet Red with Flowers and Butterflies
  • Green with Flowers and Butterflies
  • Pink with Deer, Pine Tree, Kites, Clouds
  • Red with Cranes and Mountain Flowers



Violet Red
Red 大红

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SKU ink-SEGCS-1332

Inkston silk embroidery products are pure hand-stitched silk embroidery made stitch by stitch by master craftspeople according to a tradition of over 1,000 years in China.

Unlike machine stitching, each piece of craftwork is individual. Hand-stitching is often thick, layered and following the direction of the design to create an artistic whole than looks and feels good. Machine stitched embroidery is often uniform, uni-directional and relatively plain.

Compared with the machine-stitched silk commonly available on the market, the material and techniques for these silk embroidery are unique.

Handmade silk products are not only useful, they express individual fashion sense and taste for high quality lifestyle. At the same time they make a special and thoughtful gift for friends, relatives and business partners.

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