Solid Silver Qiang Bracelet, with Tibetan Flowers


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Handmade traditional Qiang silver bracelet, weight: 38.65 grams

Solid fine silver hand-carved with floral design. This piece is very interesting because it is made by Qiang People but its pattern is flower from Tibet area. However, this is not surprising to locals living in Qiang area. Qiang Ethnic Group is mainly concentrating in the areas between Sichuan province and Tibet. In fact, There are many Tibetans living in Sichuan province just as Qiang People. These two ethinic groups have been living peacefully together in the same area for long time. Many of their culturs are somehow mixed together. This bracelet is just one of many examples. It simply brings best parts of different cultures together.
All pieces are handmade silver from Qiang ethnic minority village workshop.

Out of stock – This workshop has now closed – please contact us if you like it and we will source a similar item.

Shipping: Standard Standard shipping.

Silver has very strong cultural value amongst the minority peoples – see our Stories on Silver and Miao, Tibetan and Qiang people.
Craftspeople use Fine 99.9% pure silver both for its softness and the cultural value of pure silver.
By contrast Sterling silver is defined as only 92.5% purity.


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