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Year of the Dog Painting Competition

Painting competition to celebrate Chinese Year of the Dog 2018.

This February China has a week long Chinese New Year celebration to mark the new Year of the Dog, so why not celebrate it with a painting!

Painting competition Rules

  • artwork should include the dog theme!
  • artwork should mainly use oriental techniques and traditional materials such as xuan paper, traditional inks, oriental brushes, modern styles are also welcome but some reference to tradition should be included
  • there are two categories, professional and amateur
  • participants will receive inkston vouchers
  • the top 3 entries in each category will win prizes of inkston brush sets
  • judges will be a panel of Chinese artists
  • The deadline for the submission is 28th February 2018.
  • The result will be released on 15th March 2018.

How to submit competition entry

  1. Visit the appropriate category
    1. Professional
    2. Amateur
  2. Login or Register with email, Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account
  3. Use the image button to upload your picture:

For any query you may have, please contact us.

Let’s start painting and have fun!


Now for a bit of inspiration..

Giuseppe Castiglione’s Dogs of the Forbidden City

Giuseppe Castiglione combined the western painting theories with Chinese painting traditions, and these pictures are from a set of portraits of dogs from the Forbidden City and are considered as some of his most famous paintings.  Giuseppe came to China as Italian missionary in 1715, Kang Xi period. Then, he was hired by Qing royal family as royal painter and he is also regarded as one of the 10 most influential royal painters in Qing Dynasty and known as 郎世宁 Lang ShiNing. During his 50 years serving as royal painter, he actively participated in Chinese painting development and Chinese architecture planning which include the design of the Old Summer Palace 圆明园 which was destroyed 1860s during the Second Opium War.

Inkston Studio

1st February 2018


Posted on 7 Comments

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    1. le concours est ouvert aux inscriptions tout février, fermeture 28 février

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