Zhou Bo 周波 Ceramic Artist

Zhou Bo is a young ceramic artist residing in Jingdezhen. He is specializing in making fine ceramic pieces for Chinese study. His ceramics have a…

Yan Song Bin 严宋赟

Yan Song Bin 严宋赟 graduated from Jindezhen Ceramics University in 2009 and set up his own ceramic studio with his wife. The ceramic studio is…

Inksticks Buyer’s Guide

Over 80 handmade Hui inksticks, special mixes for different painting effects, professional, historic & collectible designs from Old Hu Kai Wen in Anhui.

Wang Zirang 汪子让 Painting Gallery: Joy of Su Ink

Su ink Shanshui painting collection from Wang Zirang 汪子让 follower of Huang Binhong and leading Xin'An artist, well known for Su ink Shanhui paintings.

Waina 薇娜 Calligraphic wildlife painting gallery

Calligraphic Painting gallery from Waina 薇娜 celebrated wildlife artist and Fellow of the Linnean Society, now based in UK - see waina.com

Four Gentlemen: Plum blossom – painting techniques from Mustard Seed Garden – 兰竹梅菊 : 梅花 méihuā

Part of a series of articles on painting techniques from 'Mustard Seed Garden' manual and encyclopedia of chinese painting. Plum blossoms - symbol of winter…

Ankl Wang, Ceramic Artist

Ankl Wang, Ceramic Art studio in Jingdezhen

Chinese Art Dictionary

Here we are starting a little dictionary showing Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters (where different) Pinyin and English. Key words 畫 / 画 Huà painting…

Mounted and Decorative Xuan Papers

A range of Xuan papers mounted on card, gold, red white and other colours and designs, cut into square, circle or other traditional shapes and…

Brush Buyer Guide

Over 60 brushes including specialist and premium Red Star and a value range from Inkston, all quality handmade Xuan brushes from traditional workshop in Anhui. Special…

Xuan Paper Buyer Guide

This guide >40 different grades of Xuan papers in our shop. Perfect Xuan has the highest concentration of quality tree bark, which is the most…

Tang Yin 唐寅 Paintings

Painting gallery of Tang Yin, 唐寅 1470 - 1524, famous scholar, painter, calligrapher, and poet of the Ming Dynasty.