Zhao Mengfu Paintings

Painting gallery for Zhao Mengfu, 赵孟頫 1254-1322, one of the most famous and important calligraphers and painters in Chinese art history.

Chinese Su Ink landscape painting tips with Wang Zirang

Wang Zirang a follower of Huang Binhong and leading Xin'An artist tells us about Chinese Su ink painting.

Qiang Embroidery Apron

  According to legends of the Three Kingdoms period (AD 220–280), when fighting continued along the Qiang and Shu (蜀) borders, the Qiang women were brave and…

Song Dynasty Gongbi Painting and Sketches

A selection of Song dynasty Gongbi detail paintings with accompanying sketches to help do you paint as described in "How to Paint Gongbihua"

How to paint Gongbi style: Lotus Out of Water

A practical example of how to do a Gongbi style chinese detail painting using a famous lotus flower painting as an example.

China’s Four Treasures of the Study

  The "Four Treasures of the Study" 文房四宝 wén fáng sì bǎo, the brush 笔 bǐ, ink 墨 mò  ink stone yàn, and the paper…

Xuan Brushes for Chinese Brush painting and calligraphy

What is a Xuan Brush? Xuan brushes (宣笔 Xuān bǐ) are one of the most famous Chinese brush types used for both Calligraphy and Chinese…


Silver culture is very strong among Miao, Tibetan, Qiang minority peoples is South-West China. Silver plays an important role in daily life and events such…

Xuan Paper Making – a UNESCO intangible heritage

Xuan paper making matured over 1,000 years ago in the Tang dynasty, following original invention of paper by Cai Lun (7-121) and is regarded as one…

Inkstone, a work of art for making art

Richly carved polished inkstones are the chief of China’s "Four Treasures of the Study" a collectable treasure passed on for generations.

Chinese Xuan 1,000 year old Truth paper

What is Xuan paper? In China there is a special paper, famous as one of China's Four Treasures of the Study, that has proved to…

Sichuan: Food, Pandas, Mountains and Spirituality

Sichuan, literal meaning “four river plains” is one of the largest and most populous and important provinces in China. Sichuan is famous for its Pandas…