Inksticks Buyer’s Guide

Over 80 handmade Hui inksticks, special mixes for different painting effects, professional, historic & collectible designs from Old Hu Kai Wen in Anhui.

Brush Buyer Guide

Over 60 brushes including specialist and premium Red Star and a value range from Inkston, all quality handmade Xuan brushes from traditional workshop in Anhui. Special…

Xuan Paper Buyer Guide

This guide >40 different grades of Xuan papers in our shop. Perfect Xuan has the highest concentration of quality tree bark, which is the most…

Chinese Su Ink landscape painting tips with Wang Zirang

Wang Zirang a follower of Huang Binhong and leading Xin'An artist tells us about Chinese Su ink painting.

Song Dynasty Gongbi Painting and Sketches

A selection of Song dynasty Gongbi detail paintings with accompanying sketches to help do you paint as described in "How to Paint Gongbihua"

How to paint Gongbi style: Lotus Out of Water

A practical example of how to do a Gongbi style chinese detail painting using a famous lotus flower painting as an example.

China’s Four Treasures of the Study

  The "Four Treasures of the Study" 文房四宝 wén fáng sì bǎo, the brush 笔 bǐ, ink 墨 mò  ink stone yàn, and the paper…